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Sweden’s largest regional theatre,  Östgötateatern, is charged with the responsibility of producing theatre for the citizens of the County at the highest artistic level. Drama, of both foreign and domestic origin; theatre for children and youth, and for the past 30 years a strong tradition of musical theatre, has been the hallmark of the Östgötateatern.


The theatre, with its professionalism, is the centre of cultural life in the County, as well as a prominent institution on the Swedish theatrical scene. The theatre co-operates both practically and theoretically with other cultural institutions and the regions schools, as well as aiding the many independent theatre groups in the region.


A permanent ensemble of 18 actors form the nucleus of our activities. 
In addition to this nucleus, the theatre annually reinforces the ensemble with newly graduated students from the School of Drama, as well as with more experienced and renowned artists.


To insure a renewal of inspiration and to capture new artistic impulses and trends so vital to a living theatre, Directors and Stage Designers are engaged for short-term period of up to three years, thus creating a proper balance between continuity and creativity.

All in all, 95 persons, including artists, technicians and administration form the staff of the theatre. Including extra personal taken on during the course of the season, this number can climb to 350.


In the autumn of 2001, the theatre opened a new stage especially for children and youth – “ung scen/öst”. The ensemble dedicated to this stage perform plays. Some of them especially written for “ung scen/öst”, targeted for young people all over the County.

Östgötateatern has three physicals building at its disposal. The two main houses in Norrköping and Linköping were both built at the beginning of the 19th century. Linköping also has the honor of hosting “ung scen/öst” in a separate building, Elsas hus.


Every year around 25 theatre productions grace the stages of these three buildings, for a total of 700 performances per year. Approximately 100.000 - 125.000 persons view these performances every year. 


The local councils of Norrköping and Linköping and the regional council of Östgötland share the financial responsibility and the role of the governing body. A board directors is made up of politically chosen representatives from the three councils. Östgötateatern has a Theatre Manager, Johan Celander, who is assisted by an advisory management group.


To contact the theatre:
+46 11 21 85 00
mail: info@ostgotateatern.se

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Lediga tjänster

Vi söker en driven producent/projektledare med bra samarbetsförmåga till ung scen/öst.

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Öppettider & bokning


Du kan enkelt boka biljetter via internet när som helst på dygnet. Tryck på knappen BOKA vid den föreställning du vill se.



Tel. 020-51 51 20

Telefonbokningen är öppen mån - fre
kl. 10.00-13.00 och 14.00-16.00.



Biljettkassornas öppettider kommer att vara oregelbundna under våren. Du hittar biljettkassornas öppettider här >>


Linköpings teaterhus, Platensgatan 12
Norrköping teaterhus, Teatertorget 1

Kansli (Norrköping), Slottsgatan 135



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